Janet Crouch

Coach Management (Ride)

"I joined the Coca-Cola London Eye on a recommendation – I had a friend who worked here and she said it was a great company to work for. I thought it would certainly be different from anything I'd done previously, and probably more of a challenge too.

"I imagined before I joined that it would be a pretty laid back company to work for – but what I hadn't expected was how much you interact with the guests. It's that aspect of the role – talking to and looking after customers – that keeps you motivated through the day.

Exceeding expectations

"My job is to assist customers and exceed their expectations, which can have a big impact on their enjoyment. Typically, my day starts with a team briefing, after which I'll collect my coach keys and reports and start the business of logging the coaches in and out, enforcing time restrictions and liaising with the ride team leaders and traffic control – all the duties and responsibilities which go into keeping the Coca-Cola London Eye running smoothly, and keeping our customers happy.

"I also help to attend to any special needs which our disabled guests may have – going the extra mile for them is one of the most satisfying aspects of may job.

Team work and recognition – a winning formula

"I enjoy working closely with my colleagues and being part of a successful team. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and respectful of each other, and I find it easy to get on with them all. The role itself is challenging but rewarding – there's a fun atmosphere, and the management team are all extremely supportive. In fact, my proudest moment was when our Managing Director, David Sharpe presented me with a bottle of champagne in recognition of my efforts in providing first-class levels of customer service!"

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