Keith Shaw

Team Leader (Ride)

“I've actually worked at three locations within Merlin Entertainments Group. I first joined Chessington World of Adventures in April 2000, then moved to Madame Tussauds in February 2002, and finally to the Coca-Cola London Eye in June 2004. It's really just happened as it's happened. A friend recommended the job at Chessington and it went from there. Now here I am working at London's top visitor attraction!

“When I joined, I imagined that it would be a very laid back and relaxed working environment. And while that's to some extent true, the work itself is taken very seriously. That's what makes this company so very successful.

No two days are the same

“My day typically involves briefing and motivating my team, opening the checkups on the ride and delivering excellent customer service, plus and some occasional administration work. I'd say the best thing about it is that I get to meet new people all the time.

“Merlin Entertainments Group is an ever-changing company – there's always a bit of an air of expectancy about what could happen next. If you're able to adapt and adjust to such a fast-moving industry, then it almost becomes like family. You become very close to the people you work with.

“We all work in a team, which has a great impact on the customer's experience – and I'll always make sure that I play my full part. I've done a lot in six or so years, and enjoyed quite a few promotions. I feel a bit like I'm one of the company's success stories, which makes me proud to be here.”

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