Guest Services Assistant (Commercial Operations)

“I joined in 2000, right in the earliest days - and I've never looked back. I joined, quite simply, because I needed and wanted a job. It's funny to think that at the time, I didn't even know what the Coca-Cola London Eye was. Hardly anybody did!

“Understandably, the way many things are done has changed over and again since the early years. But the day-to-day considerations are absolutely constant. In effect, it's Customer care, customer care and customer care. Visitors need to be pointed in the right direction, and they'll gravitate to the first employee in sight who's willing to make and maintain that initial, encouraging eye contact.

“That links right into the best thing about this job – knowing that I have both the scope and the remit to really be of service to our customers. To be fair, if you have a flair for that element of it, then all of the roles at the Coca-Cola London Eye are easy enough. Customers come for a day or night out to remember – and with that as a bottom line, it's not so very complicated to meet and exceed their expectations.

Unique and individual

“As a working environment it's unique and individual, reflecting the colourfulness of the world. I'd far sooner be here with all that's going on around me than in some bland corporate office where everything's always the same.

“Currently I'm working in the gift shop, and my focus is always on delivering first-rate customer service. No matter how brief the contact, I know even a quick smile or nod can make a difference to a customer's enjoyment. It doesn't hurt to make just that little extra effort. “

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