Stacey Lawrence

Human Resources Co-ordinator

"I started with the Coca-Cola London Eye in October 2003 as a Host, working to a zero-hour contract within the Hospitality Department. It's a role that offered me a lot of flexibility, which worked well with the fact that I was a student at the time.

"In March 2005 I became Hospitality Co-ordinator, which gave me a valuable insight into the amount of behind-the-scenes planning it takes to ensure everything runs smoothly.

An opportunity to get on

"I became increasingly interested in the more human resource-focused aspects of the job. So in March 2006, when I was offered the opportunity to join the HR department and study towards my CPP, I naturally jumped at it.

"Initially, I joined because I liked the flexibility of being able to fit work in with a busy life, and to work as little or as much as I liked. After I finished studying, I decided to stay with company as I enjoyed the working environment, the people, and also the fact that the work was fast-paced and challenging.

"You tend to imagine the Coca-Cola London Eye as a lively place to work, always buzzing with guests and always busy. And that's pretty much how it is – only more so! It's a really fun place to work and has a very social environment.

"There is not really a typical day at the Coca-Cola London Eye, which is one of the things that make it such an attractive place to work. I've seen it from both an operational and back-of-house point of view, and whatever job I've done, it's always been versatile and challenging, with scope to grow and develop.

People people

"Without a doubt one of the best things about the job is the people. In my time here I've met such a wide range of interesting people

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