Technical & Safety

The Technical Services Team has 10 technicians and four administrative staff. There is always a minimum of two technicians on site. They work on a rotating shift pattern; there are also night regulators and four specialists in the following fields:

  • hydraulics
  • drive control systems
  • capsule control systems
  • capsule mechanism systems

The technical team carries out daily and annual maintenance:

Daily maintenance

On average, 350 hours a week are spent on routine maintenance and testing of the Coca-Cola London Eye, covering:

  • capsule doors
  • heating, ventilation and dehumidification
  • communication and audio-visual systems
  • speed control
  • battery charge
  • drive motors
  • gearbox and drive systems

Annual maintenance

Annual maintenance during January is carried out according to regulations governing the Coca-Cola London Eye - and is similar to an MOT.

Work includes:

  • fitting new drive wheels
  • checking electrical systems
  • changing oils and grease in the main bearings
  • changing filters in the air-conditioning
  • checking the capsule drive system
  • checking the capsule stability system
  • weld inspections

In addition, the ticket office is refurbished and improvements to the landscape around the Coca-Cola London Eye are carried out.

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